Wondering what sets our sauces apart from the others?
Here's a quick peek at what we think makes the biggest difference!

Local Produce

Being produced in such close proximity to one of the best growing regions in the world gives us the fresh taste you can expect.

Yakima Valley Wine

The beautiful sun of the Yakima Valley creates perfect growing condition for the red wine varietals we love to use in Bastinelli’s Gourmet Sauces

San Marzano Style Tomatoes

Trusted for generations, the San Marzano Tomatoes are revered worldwide for their incredible taste and  depth of flavor!

Small Batches

Made in small batches to provide the consistently deliver the delicious flavor of Bastinelli’s Best to your family’s table

I'm Michael Bastinelli.  

First I wanted to tell you thank you for your interest in Bastinelli’s Gourmet Sauces.  When I first dreamed of the idea of jarring up and selling sauces made in the same style as my family, I had you in mind.

For generations my family has been making sauce using the same traditions.  Local produce, local wine, and the wonderful flavor of San Marzano style tomatoes.  And now, I’m thrilled to bring it to your family.

Through partnership with Yakima Valley wineries, produce growers, and finding some of the best San Marzano style tomatoes in the world, I’m proud to put my family’s name on this sauce throughout every batch.  By partnering with SauceWorks, we’ve been able to increase our production to serve even more retailers. 

While you’ll find Bastinelli’s Gourmet Sauces in some of your local grocery stores or specialty food markets, don’t be surprised if you see me out and about at your local farmer’s market as well.  When you see me, come say Hi!  

Taking our old world recipe and making your family's dinner even better.


See What Our Customers Are Saying

I bought my first bottle of this delicious pasta sauce at Deep Sea Deli. I kind of bought it on a lark not knowing whether I would like it or not. Needless to say, many bottled later, I stock it in my cupboard as a necessity for any time I want to enjoy a plate of spaghetti. Of all the sauces on the market, this is by far the best. Mike must be Italian. 

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